My husband is a pastor we have been married for 5 year and we have 3kids. Am 25 and my husband is 34yrs.

My problem is, my husband promised to take me to collage before he married me, he used to do business but he stoped he is trained as an accountant but he has refused to look for a job but only prefers to do small hard labour jobs. I have talked to him about applying for a job as an accountant he kept on refusing telling me that he has given his life to serve God alone so he cant work. Our kids are not in school because of financial problems and when ever my relatives give me money to start a business my husband gets upset and makes sure that my business fails.

He keeps on going to his parents and his younger sister to ask for food and money. His sisters’s husband even complained to his dad that my husband has been disturbing them. When i talk to him about applying for a job he just tells me that i should wait soon God will bless us.

I got a job as a worker with the government but my husband refused me to work. He gets upset whenever my family members come visiting, non of them begs for money, I mean all of them are well to do and my parents also. He wants me to only embrace his relative and he sometimes even insult my parents when ever we have a misunderstanding and insults me telling me that am not the only woman with buttocks (yansh) shouting top of his voice and that our neighbours no longer respect him as a pastor.

My family is now advising me to leave him so that i can go to collage, whenever i talk to my husband about going to collage he gets upset and tells me the if i go to collage then he will marry another woman and that i wil have to carry our kids along.

I’m tired I don’t know what to do! i only have a month to decide cos my family members are willing to take me to collage. I love my husband but he doest want to work and life hasn’t been easy, we hardly eat and when he does small jobs he keeps on complaining that his only working because of me.

Mature advice please