I met my husband 2012 we became friends he had nothing doing but on the process he decided to travel as God decides his papers came out and he traveled.

Came back 2014 came for my hands in marriage we got married 2014 by traditional marriage. As married couple we hope to conceive but it did not happened he comes back every December and goes back February from 2014 to 2018.anytime he comes back we keep trying to conceive but is not happening, his family members were worried pressure every where!! It Was not easy for me especially when he goes back.

2018 December he came with his own pressure he needs a child his family needs child he can’t take it anymore he will take a new wife. I kept telling him to have patience that God will make a way I keep praying hoping God to intervene. But when he came back He did not have time for me always going out even when I told him I was ovulating he decide to travel that day. But January 2019 he came to me and said he impregnated a girl and that he will marry her. I ask him what happen to me. He said no he did not tell me to go I should stay. I kept calm “ if is what you want and she is pregnant for you as you said fine”.

But this is were the problem started. When he get to the girls parent they told him there daughter will not be a second wife only if he will send the first one away. So they came back. After that he did not tell me the development between him and the girl again .we kept living together. Then one day he told me that the girl’s parent said he should come and marry the girl. We share the same room, so he told me to pack my things out of the room to the next room that the person staying in next room will pack out for me to enter. I I told him that I don’t need a new room if there is anyone who Will go Into that room is his new wife he said no that I Must pack my things to that room, I told him is difficult for me to do that. “ this is my room and I will stay in my room give her that other room” He refused he went further and said he will do his white wedding with the new wife I told him all those things he is saying is not the right way of doing things, “ are you sending me out indirectly”. He went further again and said I should remove all the enlarge pictures in the parlour he dont want to see the pictures there again. 😢

I became confused am I losing my marriage what is happening, people around try talking sense into him but he refused. finally on monday he took wine and gave his uncle to take to my parents that he is no more interested in marrying me. When I heard it I begin to beg him but he refuse, I have no option than to pack my things and go,.him and his people were all there. 😢

Then on Wednesday he sent 2elders from his place to come to my house and pick me. But my people told them for them to be sure he is serious and he is the one that send them they should go and come with him and his mother or his uncle. He accepted he will come on Thursday but did not come, he went on Saturday and married the girl, brought her home. Calling me on phone that if he come to pick me I will stay in that room new room, i didn’t say anything. But the next thing I heard he has gone back outside the country!!!

i cried to my God.i keep praying to God. No calls again. But when she put to bed he text me messages that she has put to bed a baby boy. I told him congrats. That was this October ending. He said if he come back this December will come to take me back to his house. My people am confused and need advice. What am I going there to do ? should I move on with my life or Should I go back to him?