I’m a lady aged 33 and married with 3 kids the first one is 9 second 5 and last born is a year old I’m not working though searching but my hubby is.. I got married to my husband 10 years ago, by the time he was marrying me I was so quiet, and a God fearing lady. When we met he uses to drink alcohol here and there, mind you by the time we met we were so poor being young and studients at a certain technical college.

Here is my problem, since he started having money my married life is like hell, my husband completely changed he is now a drunkard a womaniser he can’t even sleep at home, he always spend his time in bars, and this made me to became a stubborn wife I’m now a non believer I hardly go to church because I always cry and complain.

Now I’m fed up all I need is divorce, but the problem with me is that I still love him and I wish if we can raise our kids together , help me please how can I handle this situation.

Thanks in advance God
Bless you all.