I met my husband 2010 and we got married 2014 we have no kids together, he has always been a serial cheater, we are both born again Christians I’ve tried hidding his cheatings from my family but recently someone called and told me that he is cheating with a girl from another province and after that my husband never apologized or showed any remorse of his cheating, he went to the province where the girl stays and told me he is attending family friends wedding he is going for 4 days!

Now I need help in a situation like this what must I do? I found him cheating he doesn’t apologize or anything, he has this big pride, I am so confused because I asked him what the problem is he kept quiet and said “ I love u, I have everything because of you” but he does the opposite, I even propose that if there is no love anymore he is free to leave but he is not leaving but keeps of breaking my heart.

please help what must I do in this situation I love him so much, must I give up or watch him cheat until he decide to stop or what, please any mature advice will help